Jindrich (Henry) Degen Artwork Site

Welcome to the assorted displays of
Jindrich Degen's art

    This paintings gallery consists of several displays, arranged more or less chronologically, and features some of the pictures that Jindrich Degen has created over the last decade or so.

    As you will see, Jindrich's artwork comprises various types of subjects and expressions ranging from realism to abstract art. 

    Abstract paintings predominate Jindrich's creations. You will find many original and colourful works of art through which he has expressed his thoughts and feelings. You are welcome to just browse and enjoy.

    More paintings will be added as time goes on. Future plans include to also arrange the artworks by themes, such as still lifes, portraits, mandalas, and various categories of abstract art.

    If you are inspired to leave a comment, please do so on the Contact Us page.

    Should you be interested in purchasing a painting, please email us using the address on the Contact Us page. The price will depend on the nature of the art piece, whether or not a frame is included, as well as the cost of postage.  
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These paintings are also available in book form in a budget or deluxe edition under the title Artistic Inspirations.





Artistic Inspirations









Blue Vase

Blue Vase
(Acrylic on board,
57 x 42 cm; not for sale)