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   Having been a keen photographer for many years, Jindrich ventured into digital photography at the end of 2008. Within a relatively short time, he mastered it sufficiently to produce quality pictures. We are featuring these in several displays:

Nature Art 1

Nature Art 2

Nature Art 3

Flower Close-Ups 1

Flower Close-Ups 2

Flower Close-Ups 3

Flower Close-Ups 4

   Subsequently Jindrich's daughter, Eva, and son-in-law, Alex, compiled Jindrich's photos into a book entitled Floral and Nature Art. They used Blurb publishing services. To preview the photography book, click on the image below.

Cover of Floral and Nature Art

You might also like to check Floral and Nature Art in a smaller, budget edition. For our other Blurb books, click here.

You can make your very own
Blurb book. Watch for various discount offers.

If you enjoy nature photography, you might also like to visit Eva Peck's website Truth and Beauty.


Digital camera

Blue waterlilies