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Welcome to the theme displays
 Jindrich Degen's art

This gallery of paintings consists of twelve theme displays, and feature the same pictures shown in the assorted displays.

Jindrich's artwork comprises various types of subjects and modes of expression, ranging from realism to abstract art.

The twelve themes are as follows:

  1. Still Life 
  2. City and Country 
  3. Portraits - Male and Portraits - Female  
  4. Inspired by Nature 
  5. Floral Inspiration 
  6. Growth and Leafage 
  7. Living Creatures 
  8. Sound and Colour 
  9. Inspired by Townscapes 
  10. Spatial Expression 
  11. Symmetry and Asymmetry 
  12. Spirituality 

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Artistic Inspirations



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Apples in a Basket

Floral Motive


Alla Rustica